Restoration Pictures

Phillip sees a mass in the forest. What is this?

P 1


He explores. Yikes! Blackberry, ivy and clematis, oh my! He goes to work.

P 2


Leaving a happy liberated snag for the forest creatures.

P 3



2017 Green Seattle Day


mighty o

{Thank you Mighty O Donuts!!!}



 Jacobsen Wetland 2016

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Watch out for Nesting Birds!

baby birds

mkm 3

Liberated Seedlings, Saplings, Live Stakes & Plantings

Sitka Spruce


Salmonberry Live Stake


Red Twig Dogwood Live Stake

overachieving live stake dogwood

Scouler’s Willow


Oregon Ash


Grand Fir

grand fir daylighted S of border

Knotweed Infestation


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