Earth People

eart alive

we are nature

Earth path

 feet meander stealthily as a fox inside a forest edge at dusk.

mind fully awake, clear as water from a ravine seep in spring.

presence strong, solid as an evergreen rising above the canopy.

Spirit as deep in nature as a raven’s home.




The fourth Fridays & Saturdays folks living connected to Earth are invited to join in the recovery of this park’s nature. If at least 8 people sign up we’ll play nature awareness games at the end.

Dress in sturdy clothes that can handle the day’s weather & blackberry thorns.

Tools provided. Bring your own gloves or use a pair of ours.

We are restoring wildlife habitat, so please leave dogs at home.

Sign up at to confirm

or email

Folks 12-18 can come without a parent with this waiver.


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